A1c Meter

Glyco Hemoglobin A1c Analyzer


  • Double Channel Measurement
  • Close system
  • Modern design with on-board AutoMixing; on-board Printer; on-board Temperature Control; Micropipette with Sensor connected to the A1c Meter for Auto-Pipette
  • Facility to read the Kit Info & Calibration Data from the Magnetic Card so that calibrators are not required to be run for performing the test
  • Lot Specific – Magnetic Card Calibration No Calibration Failure.
  • No Reagent Wastage. No Manual Errors.
  • Three Step Assay Procedure
  • Colour Touch Screen LCD features online Reaction Curve
  • USB & RS232 port for Data Management
  • PS2 port for Barcode Scanner

Technical Specifications:
Intended Use: Designed for the quantitative determination of human Glyco Hemoglobin A1c in blood
Measurement Principle: Nepholometery (135°) & Turbidimetric (180°) simultaneously
Direct A1c Reagents: Specially designed Latex Enhanced Immnoturbidimetry Direct A1c, 2 – Reagent
System Smart and Simple: Lot Specific – Magnetic Card Calibration
No Calibration Failure. No Reagent Wastage. No Manual Errors.
3-Step Assay Procedure:
1. Insert Magnetic Card
2. Pipette 150 µL (R1) Reagent + Sample 4 µL (5 sec Onboard AutoMix. 30 sec Onboard Incubation)
3. Pipette 50 µL (R2) Reagent (5 sec Onboard AutoMix).
Online Reaction Curve and Result in 90 sec.
A1c Reagent Performance Characteristics:
Measuring Range: 2~14%
Lower Detection Limit: 2%
Linear upto: 14%
Disposable Cuvette: Patented round cuvette
In-built Mixer: Patented inbuilt mixer for good uniform mixing effect. No conventional magnetic beads needed.
Micropipette with Sensor (optional): Micropipette with sensor, if connected to the A1c meter, starts the measurement automatically after pipetting R-2.
Light source and Detector: 650nm Laser Diode, Silicon Photo cell
Test Temperature: 37 °C (±0.5 °C)
Display: 4.3” Color Touch Screen LCD featuring online Reaction Curve
In-built Printer: 58mm thermal printer
Power Supply: 100-240V AC 50/60Hz Power Adaptor. 2200mAH Li battery (optional)
Data Port: USB & RS232 port
Barcode Reader (optional) PS2 barcode reader port
Dimension (mm): 290 (L) * 170 (W) * 110 (H)
Weight: Gross Wt. 2kg. Net Wt. 1.5kg

Note: Design; Color and Technical Specification are subject to change without prior notice.

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