“A Correct Diagnosis leads to Correct Treatment”

All the products are produced under stringent test conditions to meet, and far exceed demanding international standards of technical excellence. All the products are produced under ISO 13485:2003 certification to conform to CE.

  • ESR 2010 is the only product ESR Analyzer manufactured in India.
  • FOTOMETER 2011, Semi Automated Clinical Biochemistry Analzyer with micro-controller based wavelength selection with no mechanical movements of the filters.
  • A1c Meter is the first touch screen portable analyser to feature online reaction curve with no need of calibrators.
  • Bilrubin Meter offers a reagent less test for infants.
  • Hb Meter will be a first of its kind modern, handheld meter to use the gold standard ‘Drabkin Solution’ for haemoglobin estimation.
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